Vision 2025: Intercessors


Vision 2025

  • By 2025 the Bible will be Translated into every major language
  • By 2020 over 80% of everyone on earth will have a smartphone
  • By 2019 Praying.Works will be available in every major language


Our Vision 2025: Intercessors throughout the world are praying for:

  • every head of state, parliament and government
  • the teachers, students and support staff in every school
  • doctors, nurses, patients and staff in every hospital and medical centre
  • every prisoner and prison guard in prison
  • every employer and their staff
  • every retiree, every mother and every baby
  • every congregation and intercessors


Intercessors all over the earth…will be praying for everyone
Praying.Works enables bold and powerful intercession…
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