As another minsiter quite Theresa May’s cabinet, the bumps on the road to exiting the EU returning to self rule, are far from over. The UK; its people, its business leaders, its government and their EU negotiating partners need our prayers. Let’s pray for the UK and Brexit.

1: Pray for the UK and its Brexit negotiations
2: For spiritual wisdom on its people and leaders
3: For unity of purpose in the face of divisions
4: For an orderly transition to self rule

In the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ

EU institutions playing a significant role in the Brexit negotiations are: a) the European Council,which defines the general political direction and priorities of the EU and consists of the heads of state or government of member states, together with the President of the European Commission. b) the Council of the EU, which represents member states’ governments. That is where ministers from EU countries meet to adopt laws and coordinate policies. They play a key role in negotiating and approving EU legislation and international agreements; c) the European Commission, the only institution with the authority to initiate legislation in most areas. It draws on input from a variety of other bodies; d) the European Parliament, comprising 751 MEPs elected by citizens of the 28 member states. Its role is to scrutinise, amend and vote on legislation.

The NHS is preparing to stockpile medicines and equipment to ensure hospitals can function after a no-deal Brexit. Simon Stevens, the health service CE, said there was ‘immediate planning’ around the Department for Health and in hospitals about ‘securing medical supply’ under different scenarios to ensure there was enough medicine. It is ‘top of the list’ of contingency planning that would be implemented once the state of the deal ‘crystallised’ in the autumn. Whitehall realises that with no replacement for EU medical agencies, hospitals could run out of drugs and other supplies within weeks. Mr Stevens told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that hospitals would be ‘ready for whatever situation emerges’. Pray for patients, the NHS and the UK’s life science industry to have workable regulatory arrangements in place and be fit for purpose for a smooth transition. Pray also for cross-border communications in medical research and development.