What do you think about Matthew 5:48…”So, be perfect, just like your Father in Heaven is perfect”? Have you convinced yourself that we “cannot” be perfect? How then do we square the circle? On one hand we believe the bible is the infallible word of God…on the other, we may think we “cannot” be perfect…emmmm. Let’s look practically at what being perfect may look like. But before continuing, read the whole of Matthew chapter 5, it only takes 5 minutes.

Know the Relationship You Have with God

Now, God has called us into a relationship with Him, not in our flesh, but in “spirit and in truth”. To achieve this, God provided his Son to shed his blood to forgive our sin for all time. As a result, this sacrifice enables God to set up his temple directly in our hearts. What does this mean? Jesus explained it perfectly in one of his last prayers on earth in John 17:21-23…”Father, as you and I are one, let them also be one with us”…wow!!! Jesus declares the ultimate relationship between God, us and Himself…to be One with Jesus and God… Now, interestingly, are we called to be “one” in the spirit or in the flesh? If in the spirit, could this be a clue to the “be perfect” statement?

Be Careful of Distractions

When thinking about being “perfect”, there is a distraction that occurs…we start thinking about perfection instead of “be perfect”. Flesh perfection is about zero faults…this is definitely impossible to achieve. But, “be perfect” is a practical approach. The distraction of “I can’t be perfect” is the flesh focus. The answer to, “be perfect as your Father in heaven”, is very simple. John 17:21-23, speaks about living in spirit and truth, which is 100% possible!! Being “perfect” looks like Jesus’s prayer. Jesus in the Father and you/me in Jesus. Now that’s serious!! The approach to being perfect is detailed in Matthew 5, read that chapter if you haven’t already done so.

This chapter lists things we as the body face, and details the rewards for standing firm. It further lists challenges to our thinking and consequences for maintaining those patterns. Our decision to “be perfect” is about choosing to see “life” the way God sees life, and follow through in spirit and truth, that’s…”be perfect” in action.

Ok, the fact that its difficult, should never be replaced with its impossible to be perfect. Also, we must be aware of the distraction of trying to achieve “perfection” in the flesh, that is the idea of never making a mistake. Jesus is quite capable of saying don’t make mistakes, he never said that, instead He simply said, “be perfect”. So “be perfect” is about our “spiritual approach” to life and not about the things we get wrong.

Positive Declaration

Its takes confidence to say I’m Jesus’s brother or sister. It also take confidence to say, I can be perfect as my Father in heaven. However, once you declare “I can be perfect as my Father in heaven”, you are declaring a relationship in spirit and truth with God through Jesus. What happens when we declare things in faith…they become reality. Matthew 5 gives an interesting insight into how God sees things and ends with that Be Perfect statement. Its a miracle. Its like declaring I accept Jesus and immediately your spirit man is awaken. When you say, I can be perfect as my Father in heaven and understand its a calling in spirit and truth, it becomes possible and another miracle happens. Make that declaration today and be perfect like our Father in heaven.

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