God calls the best, think and become the best. When God wanted Moses to build the tabernacle he asked for the best tradesmen in the land. He even said – have already told them what to dom. Moses didn’t have to micro manage these guys. We learn here that the best get employment on the best projects. We quote scriptures that say – we are the head and not the tail. Therefore at work, being the best means we’re the one being called on… Now off-course each employer is different and the challenges can be enormous.

Let’s remember Joseph, he was in prison and was promoted from there to be the prime minister, and he did an amazing job too. Today, we expect to face challenges, and to those challenges we apply faith to overcome, while being the best. Believe in faith you are the best and guess what will happen…you will become what you set your heart on. Find a problem that requires faith to solve. I know, it sounds wrong. But its the fastest way to get your skills recognised.

As a Christian, you can approach all problems in faith rather than fear. So who else is better placed to solve the problems where you work? Its pointless ranting about how poor your boss is and ignore an opportunity!! Working with difficult people is the worse, but a small prayer before dealing with them makes such a difference. In faith you can provide resolutions to the most difficult challenges. I saw an opportunity at work and asked God to give me the opportunity to solve it. Today my job is beautifully diverse, I get involved in different tasks, using a range of my skills. Believe me it works. Try it. Faith.

Always ask for improvement advice. This is a good pride slayer. This works, whether there’s internal politics at play or not. Asking a colleague for advice on how you could have done X better, can solicit multiple responses. If necessary explain you’re not asking because you don’t know, but to improve your practice. You will soon find, you would have gathered a vast source of knowledge and allies. You will find more people using you as a source of knowledge. Before you know it, you are the best – exactly what God intended of you.

Always make recommendations that benefit others. The normal human urge is to propose that which benefits ‘me’. And there’s good reason why you should. However, when you male a habit of proposing that which benefits others and the organisation at large, you will get noticed. The advice above takes courage and faith – believe.

I used to struggle trying to work out my own way through the career jungle. Until I realised God has already put in place a simple process to have a successful career – work as unto God. All I had to do is understand what that meant in every day life, when I’m facing difficult situations, impossible situations, how to keep my faith in God and continue with the process. Today I can say, there’s no other way guaranteed to deliver results that following Gods way.

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