The concept of God our Father being 100% love is simply too much for many – even in the church. yes there is a heaven and hell and yes many will go to hell. However here’s the key – IT IS NOT THE WILL OF GOD THAT EVEN ONE GOES TO HELL. Sorry for shouting, but this is massive, the way the word is preached, you’d think God was actually itching to cast people in hell – from his own words – He 100% is NOT.

No father willingly casts off His children. And this verse confirms this, that man with evil thoughts and desires instinictively knows how to provide good gifts for his children. How much more God, in whom no evil dwells, is eager to bless His children with amazing gifts.

Why is God so eager? Whether we acknowledge God or not, we exist because God put His breath of life into our bodies. Its that breath that sustains life in our bodies. When that “breath” returns to its home, the body it inhabited is useless.