Setting goals is a normal part of every day life. It’s actually quite difficult to go through life and not make a goal. Some people make goals that are not time bound – eg “Lord help me”, is a very common goal people set. Problem with that goal – the person asking has (a) asked for nothing, and (b) hasn’t specified the time in which ‘help’ is needed.

Hence to help us set positive goals, the goals must be “Time bound”.

Making your goals Time bound is really easy; think ‘calendar date’. A friend is going for a new job that requires Prince 2 certification, which she does not have. The service providers she found all deliver Prince 2 by self paced study over 6 months – interview is in 3 weeks. I suggested she use the company I used, they provide Prince 2 Foundation and Practioner training in 5 days.

When setting Faith Goals – the things we ask God for, the principle is exactly the same. Be Time minded, make the gola time bound. In John 12:23 Jesus explains to the horror of those around Him, that the time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified!! Jesus came to earth for a mission; that began with His birth; would end with His ressurection from the dead. All events were time bound and were completed to time as foretold.

So be Time minded about what you want.

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