Setting goals is a normal part of every day life. It’s actually quite difficult to go through life and not make a goal. Some people make wrong goals – eg “I will never let that happen to me again”, is a very common goal people set after a bad experience. Problem with that goal – it requires you to be judgemental. You’ve got to constantly judge the behaviour of others. After a while you will agree this isn’t a good way to live, and it achieves nothing.

Hence to help us set positive goals, the goals must be “Specific”.

Making your goals specific is really easy; think tangible outcomes. Even studying, which may seem like an intangible outcome can have specific tangible outcomes. Enroll by a certain date. Hand in all assignments on time. I will sit at the front in every lesson. I will ask questions if I do not understand. All these are very specific goals…

When setting Faith Goals – the things we ask God for, the principle is exactly the same. Be specific. Jesus met blind Bartemaeus (Mark 10:46-52) and asked him, what do you want? Bartemaeus responded – I want to see. It is common and popular to ask God for “help”, using the rational that He knows our needs. While the rational sounds good, (a) in reality asking for help isn’t actually asking for anything…and (b) God instructed us to ask Him for what we want!!

So be specific about what you want.

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