Setting goals is a normal part of every day life. It’s actually quite difficult to go through life and not make a goal. Some people make unachievable goals – Lord you know my needs, help me, is a common goal. Problem – what exactly do you need God to help you with.

Hence to help us set positive goals, they must be “Achievable”.

Making your goals achievable is really easy; its about stating clearly what the end result looks like – think tangible outcomes. Lets use studying as an example, the qualification is achievable outcome. Even the level of the qualification – first class – is achievable also.

When setting Faith Goals, the things we ask God for, the principle is exactly the same. Make your faith goal measurable. There is an amazing account of a Centurion, his daughter and a request from Jesus to restore her life in Matthew 8:5-13. Once someone is dead, most of us would give up hope of them coming back to life again – you’ll agree death is pretty final. However this Centurion believes with Jesus, death is not final, that Jesus can defy death and make the dead live. This is exactly what happens!!

Do you believe your faith goals are achievable? Be like the Centurion and believe in a God that can defy death and make the dead live.

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