Jesus made a promise with two parts – ask in His name; He will do what we asked. Many will entertain negative thoughts, that you can’t ask for anything, and they have a point, but those thoughts are distractions. Let’s look at the idea that someone can ask for anything.

The key is this – when someone asks Jesus for anything… they are atually speaking to Jesus; and Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, is more than capable of responding to them and revealing His will. We see this in Acts. A young zealous man was killing followers of Jesus thinking he was pleasing God. Jesus asked him a simple question – why are you persecuting me?

I am not afraid of anyone asking for anything, that’s where they are and God’s heart is so massive, I must believe He is ok with someone asking for the wrong thing because He said – come as you are. So I an not going to get hung up about people asking for the wrong thing, I believe Jesus the Christ through the power of His Holy Spirit is more than able!! Amen