1. Set SMART Faith Goals – Specific, Measurable, achievable, realistic and timely
  2. Set a goal for your Overall Health
  3. Improved Financial position – to be debt free
  4. What are your Education goals for you and family
  5. Make goals concerning your Children
  6. What are your aspirations for your Parents (if living)?
  7. What are your aspirations for your Grandparents (if living)?
  8. Goals for your Personal safety
  9. Business management goals
  10. Your Employment goals
  11. Start a business
  12. Personal development goals
  13. Pension goals
  14. Insurance goals
  15. Goals for your Food – health choices
  16. Goals relating to Alcohol consumption
  17. Goals relating to consuming harmful Substances
  18. Getting involved in the Community
  19. Goal to Quit smoking
  20. Goal to Start tithing
  21. Work life balance goals
  22. Goals about your Giving time to charity
  23. Goal to visit my neighbour
  24. Respond with positive to negative
  25. Replace worry with positive thoughts
  26. Goals for a New home
  27. Goal for a New car
  28. Take up a hobby
  29. Pray goals – more frequently
  30. Pray for 12 friends every day for 12 weeks